Upcoming Events

It’s time again for

Satyricon’s Annual Exploratorium

Want to try something new? Curious about having something new done to you? Several presenters be on hand to showcase a variety of topics.

This year we will be combining our Exploratorium with our Annual NCSF Fundraiser

Our presenters and their topics:

* Vield – Pervertables
* Mistress Mayhem – CBB
* WickedWanda – Sensual Play
* TickleChgo – Tickling
* Cataclyzmic – Knives
* AmpleApples – Fire Play
* Diva_Electrique – Vac-U-Bed & Latex
* Spike72 – Whips
* StrangerFriend – Beginner Rope
* D__ – Flogging
* girlofmyst – Bootblacking

The event will run from 2:30 to 5:30 PM. Dinner will follow after the meeting at a local restaurant.

If you are attending Satyricon for the first time, we ask that you complete a membership form upon arrival to indicate that you understand the purpose and guidelines of our group. We also do this to maintain our status as a state-registered non-profit charity group.

NOTE: Satyricon holds their meetings in the Freyja Project’s Sanctuary community space, and is a separate entity from the Freyja Project. You do not have to be a member of the Freyja Project to attend this meeting. If you intend to attend GRIND! the evening of the meeting, you will need to either have a monthly membership or buy your guest pass/ticket by Friday night by 11:59 pm. See https://thefreyjaproject.org/ for more information about membership and access to play events.