02/09/19 – “Scene as Journey: Beyond Technique” with Snowfalcon

We do what we do. We dream of more to do. We tell stories of what we did. Connecting those adventures, seeing scenes as adventure, connecting that with other stories — even myths and legends — can move us and the scenes we do beyond isolated incidents. Beyond isolation. Join a facilitated conversation exploring beyond how-to.

About The Presenter:

I woke up to “kink” with Diana Rigg in The Avengers. Yep, the spy show. Not the movie. Given that and my first serious experiences being in another country, and just plain being different I have a unique perspective on what we do. I have been an educator in various ways for 35 years. A blacksmith for 20. This stuff is deep and powerful and serious … so we have to be playful with it.

Additional Information

Satyricon Wisconsin meetings run from 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM with meeting announcements starting at 3:15 and our featured presentation starting at the conclusion of announcements. Dinner will be held at a local restaurant to be announced at the meeting. All members are invited to come sit and share a meal with us at that time.

The Freyja Project, who maintain the lovely space we use for all of our meetings, will be hosting GRIND! at around 7 PM. You do not have to be a member of the Freyja Project to attend any Satyricon Wisconsin meetings, but if you intend to attend GRIND! the evening of the meeting then you will need to either have a monthly membership or buy your guest pass/ticket by Friday night at 11:59 pm. See https://thefreyjaproject.org/ for more information about membership and access to play events.