3/14/20 Satyricon Wisconsin Presents Knives 101 with Cataclyzmic !


**About the Class:**

Knives are in the category of edge play. They are there because they can cause serious damage if you do not know what you’re doing. Knife play is something that takes patience to learn and you can’t hurry your experience.

The skin is tougher than we think. It seems so easy when you slice your hand while cutting an apple. But the truth is, if you are aware of what you are doing – know your tools – you can manipulate the skin without breaking it. And if your partner is blindfolded, well, the mind fuck can be amazing.

I do not use knives to draw blood. Some do. And that’s OK! But you will still need to (in my humble opinion) start at the beginning with “basic knife play and skills”.

We will talk about various kinds of knives, techniques, clothes cutting, mind fucks –blind folds or not, bound or not, first aid and maintenance

**About the Presenter:**

*[Cataclyzmic][https://fetlife.com/users/11489] (Ms. Cat/Cat) has been an active member of the Milwaukee kink community for over a decade. Cat has been a leader in the community by way of co-hosting two different, long standing munches, leader for a male and female dominant discussion group and by starting her own female dominant discussion group – The Conversation. The Conversation has since expanded into a female Dominant/Top and male submissive/bottom munch group; Conversation & COCKtails.

Cat’s biggest interest is in education. Believing education is vital to the safety and fun of everyone in the kink community. Well known and well liked for her no nonsense approach. She recognizes that the scene is ever growing, ever changing with new and old players alike.

She also firmly believes that no one way is the way. Believing that by conversation and asking questions you are able to shape your BDSM experiences into what you need it to be — for you.

Her interest in knives goes back to her very first play party. Her intent was to just go and observe, not feeling confident in her skills yet to actually participate. A dear friend told her she couldn’t go empty handed and dug out a knife from his toy bag. She didn’t use the knife that night, but holding that knife gave her that chill that says, “you found your thing”!

Cat has demo’d knives for LRA and The Exploritorium (She hasn’t lost one yet!). She has also presented “The Fish Bowl” for MTKF, and at KK.*

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