4/11/20 Satyricon Wisconsin Presents – “Protocol in D/s Relationships” with MksThingsHappin & Apples


Whatever your titles or the specifics of your dynamic, protocols are an important way for those in power exchange relationships to express shared values and meet needs for all parties. In this class, with content for both Big-Letters and little-letters, you will learn why protocol and ritual are important for both parties and how they can enhance your dynamic. We will go over practical tips for conceptualizing and introducing protocol into your relationship as well as how to change, refine, and maintain existing protocols.  You will also learn how to recognize and say goodbye to protocols that aren’t working for you.

Bring your challenges and questions as there will be time for discussion

[MksThingsHappin][https://fetlife.com/users/1835733], or Peter, as many of you already know him, is one of Chicago’s own presenters.  He has been a part of the Chicago kink scene since 2012, and has a love for many types of play, including impact, needle play, rope, and more. He serves on the presenter selection committee for Kinky Kollege, and is a presenter on rotation for Super Tasty, a local stage cabaret talk show.  He has also been a guest moderator for the Power Exchange Roundtables. His slave, [Apples][https://fetlife.com/users/3081218], has been part of the community in Madison Wi, since 2014. She began her journey as a service-top leaning switch, and plays as a top with fire, impact, knife play, among other things.  The bottoming and power exchange part of her journey when she met Peter. She is very involved in organizing and leading events in Madison and Chicago as the head Dungeon Monitor for Kinky Kollege, the administrator of Kinky Geek Night, and hosting a weekly munch.  In all her free time she is a student, studying Psychology.

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