7/11/2020 – Satyricon Wisconsin Proudly Presents: “Binding Duress” with Ina Pickle


About this class:

Suffering in rope is one of the pickles that Ina loves to find themselves in and being the willful and precocious person that they are, they picked up some tricks along the way. In this class Ina will give participants tools for adding torture to ties that they are already familiar with. They will also talk about how they negotiate this sort of play with others and how they manage the headspace of this sort of torture during both partnered and self play.

Come prepared with some solid braid or twist rope and a pack of dental floss. 

About the Presenter:

Ina Pickle (@Inretrepida) is a bottom, masochist, and suspension switch out of Minneapolis. When they came into the scene, in the mid 2000’s, there were few resources for learning rope locally, and few to no formal opportunities to learn or teach bottoming skills. They began attending regional and national kink events in 2010, when they discovered the joys of demo bottoming but didn’t think of this as being an educator for many years. Ina has always viewed themselves and other bottoms as part of the education process and is an advocate of the more recent movement towards providing education opportunities for bottoms.

As long as Ina has been picking up skills and ideas, they have been bringing them, as well as their connections with other educators, back to their local community. Over the years they have been involved with facilitating many events locally, formerly MN Rope, Minneapolis Cigars, Boots, and Chocolate, Kinky U, Kink 1001, ASKEW, and currently Smitten Kitten Rope Practice and Twin Cities Rope Bite (on hold due to COVID-19). They have a passion for creating spaces that are conducive to learning and exploration. Their style of teaching is patient and adaptive as they love to see people make connections with skills or concepts that they have been struggling with. 

Come join us on discord to chat before or after the event: https://discord.gg/R4VD6BM