Membership Statement

Satyricon Wisconsin’s meetings and activities are intended to provide a safe place for discussion, education, consciousness raising, and support relating to BDSM activities. Open communication within a tolerant atmosphere is vital to the formulation of any sexual identity, and it is thus every member’s responsibility to maintain an open and non-judgmental setting.

Commercial announcements or “sales pitches” at inappropriate times or that are unwanted, blatantly sexual overtures, and BDSM play will not be permitted at any Satyricon meeting or event. Our purpose is to provide a safe place, not a play space, swingers connection, or business venue.

Membership in Satyricon will be confidential. By attending our meetings and events, you agree not to divulge to anyone outside of the group, the names, statements, or actions of anyone else who attends without their explicit permission. Finally, Satyricon can only accept, as members, adults (18+) who agree that all BDSM activities can and must be safe, sane, non-exploitive, and consensual. Anything else would both risk the safety or our members and reflect poorly upon the group as a whole.

Membership forms are available at our meet and greet.